Preparing Your Wooden Garage Doors For Winter

Preparing Your Wooden Garage Doors For Winter

Winter can be a tough season for any outdoor products, no more so than outdoor wooden features such as wooden doors, fences, and garden furniture. Furniture and fences can be easily replaced or repaired; however, installing a brand new wooden garage door can be costly, so it’s simpler (and cheaper) to protect them beforehand. Garages are often overlooked as being one of the least efficient areas of a home; therefore, correctly managing the source of where heat can be lost is the first step toward making your home more energy efficient.

Manage Draughts 

Garage doors are prone to heat leaking out of the home; this can be noticed more prominently as we creep into the winter months. Most people will totally disregard their garage doors when it comes to insulation, but it can seriously pay to make them more energy efficient. By investing in some garage insulation and weather strips, you can help protect yourself from costly energy bills.

Lubricate Moving Parts 

Changes in the weather can have dramatic effects on the materials our homes are made from. Moving parts can expand and shift during the summer, which in turn makes them stiff and less effective during the winter. Lubricant is a really cheap way of ensuring your garage doors are easy to open and close all year round; we would recommend this is done each autumn before those real frosty nights take hold. 


Protect the Wood 

It is crucial that your wooden garage doors are kept in good condition. This not only helps the overall appearance of the entry but also the safety of your property. By keeping on top of things like mould and rot buildup, you are ensuring the wood is as strong as it can possibly be. This can be achieved by painting and staining the wood; you can also use wood preservers; many wood preservers on the market today also repel insects, fungal attacks, and woodworm infestations. 


Perform Regular Checkups 

Preparing for winter isn’t all you should do. Checking on your wooden garage doors throughout the seasons is a great way to help monitor their health – and let’s be honest, it’s a much nicer job to do in the mid-summer sun than in the late November rain or snow!

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