Advantages Of Using Scandinavian Redwood

Advantages Of Using Scandinavian Redwood

The Scandinavian Redwood, also known as the European Redwood, is a high quality, durable, dense, softwood. This soft wood is quite rare in construction, but there are many advantages of using Redwood on your outdoor furniture.

Thanks to its properties, it’s perfect for all kinds of outdoor items as it can resist twisting, warping, bending, and cracking, and is extremely weather resistant. Here, we’re going to explore why we think Redwood is one of the best options for your garden.

Redwood Is Durable

The Redwood is dense for a softwood, making it incredibly durable and one of only three softwoods that are known for being strong and long lasting. The reason for its durability is due to the region and climate that it grows in.

As the Scandinavian Redwood grows in cold climates, meaning it grows slowly, the density of the wood is increased. This means it can withstand cold, wet climates without becoming damp, especially if treated properly. Importantly, Redwood can also stand up to hot climates without warping, meaning your wooden gates will last for years with the proper care, no matter the season.

It Is Cheaper Than Hardwood

One of the main advantages of Redwood is that it’s cheaper than any hardwood option. Although this is a softwood and is known for its resistance to insects, weather conditions, and high resilience, it remains a cheaper option than hardwood. This is mainly because it’s easier to source and not as popular – although we don’t know why!

Resistant To Decay 

Redwood is also particularly resistant to decay. Because it’s not popular with insects, the wood doesn’t tend to contract woodworm, and therefore damp doesn’t get into the core of the wood. This means that mould and decay are much easier to fend off, especially if treated regularly.

Redwood Has An Attractive Finish

On top of being incredibly practical, it also has a great finish to it which makes it ideal for garden furniture and gates. Redwood is full of character and stands out from the rest with knots and outstanding grains. With just a finish of paint and varnish, your garden will look lively and bold – enough to make your neighbours envious.

Redwood Is Lighter

For a wood known for its strength, Redwood is surprisingly light. This makes it great for furniture as it remains sturdy but also easy to move. 

Thanks to its lightweight composition, you can avoid frustrating heavy lifting that you might get with other wood types. Not only does this make it perfect for when you want to change up your outdoor space, but for gates it means that less stress will be on posts and hinges.

Softwood Garage Doors And Gates

At Crocketts Gates, we pride ourselves in crafting beautiful Redwood gates and garage doors. Our softwood products are strong and sturdy, helping to keep your home secure and looking great for years to come.

If you’re interested in Redwood garage doors or gates for your home, get in touch today and speak to a member of Crocketts’ specialist team.