5 Tips For Maintaining Wooden Garage Door

5 Tips For Maintaining Wooden Garage Door

Wooden garage doors are a great alternative to more traditional metal doors. They not only look fantastic and add a real aesthetic focal point to the exterior of your home, but they’re also incredibly durable and long-lasting if correctly treated. By following these six great tips you can maintain your wooden garage door for maximum durability and keep it looking its best for longer.

1. Stain Your Wood

Staining your exterior timber is essential for multiple reasons. Firstly, staining your door with a high-quality product will help to protect your wood from long-term UV damage caused by the sun. Over time, timber is prone to fade and lose its durability due to harmful UV exposure.This is why you see so many pale-looking timber fences as people fail to realise the damage that UV can inflict. Staining your wood annually will protect it from fading and help to prevent the wood from becoming brittle or rotting. A stain also goes a long way to help waterproof your timber, therefore, it’s important to remember to stain your wooden garage door.

2. Keep It Clean

Keeping it clean might seem simple enough, and it is. A dirty wooden door can bring down the aesthetic of your outdoor spaces, and cleaning it doesn’t have to be an uphill task. If you keep on top of it, you will find that it only takes a short amount of time out of your day and can be cleaned with minimal effort.Use warm water with some mild soap and clean down your door, remembering to clean both sides as you do it. This way, you will maintain a clean and healthy-looking wooden door, and it will ultimately mean that you won’t have to paint or stain it as often.

3. Use A Lubricant

Over time, moving parts are prone to wearing or becoming jammed with debris. By always ensuring that your moving parts are well lubricated, you secure the longevity of your door. Check on the condition of your garage door every few months and be sure to apply lubricant as required to help protect your door’s components.

4. Sanding & Finishing

Sanding your door can bring a new lease of life to an old and worn-looking door. But, of course, this is only necessary on older doors and the results can be magnificent. You take off the old layer of wood by sanding and reveal an entirely new layer, giving your door a brand new look.

5. Test The Mechanism

If your garage door sees infrequent use, then be sure to test the mechanism regularly. Doing this can help to prevent moving parts from seizing up and becoming damaged. This is important for the safety of everyone using the wooden garage door and to help guarantee the longevity of your wooden garage door.
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