Guide to Gate and Garage Door Hinges

Guide to Gate and Garage Door Hinges

When buying any kind of wooden gates or garage doors, hinges and brackets might not be the first things that come to mind. However, finding the best hinge system for your needs is really important!Garage doors come in all shapes and sizes and need strong, specialised hinges and mechanisms to make sure they open and close safely and securely. In this quick guide, we’ll take you through a handful of the gate and garage door hinge types you’ll come across while shopping around.

Everything You Need To Know About Gate And Garage Door Hinges

Band Hinges

Band hinges are fairly common and arrive with pieces known as gudgeons. These are two-piece hinge systems that you will find on gates and garage doors and work in a hook and pin system. You’ll find that the hinge, which is the plate, fixes surely to any post you have in place. The band itself, meanwhile, screws directly into the gate itself. These tend to be some of the more reliable hinges on the market.

Strap Hinges

Strap hinges are fairly basic but are impressively sturdy. These will be fixed to surfaces via screws and are available in a wide array of sizes and styles. However, these appear to be less common now and are generally found as tapered installations on big wooden doors and gates, as well as garage doors.

Reversible Hinges

Reversible hinges are fairly easy to fit and follow a similar line to the band hinges and gudgeons as listed above. However, these hinge systems will normally work best on bigger gates and doors. They tend to be great-looking hinge systems, meaning that if you are looking for gate or door fittings that blend in with your existing aesthetic, these are likely to be a solid choice.

Tee Hinges

Tee hinges are some of the most common hinge fittings you’ll find up and down the country, though that’s no bad thing. They come in the shape of a rectangle and have a strap that tapers along into the door or gate swing, whichever fits your circumstances. These tend to be easy to fit and use, and they are also available in a wide array of materials and looks, meaning that you don’t have to stick to one style or standard unless you want to.

Which Hinge Is Best?

This is just a quick overview of some of the more common locks and hinges you’ll find on doors and gates. The best systems for you will depend entirely on what you are likely to find the easiest to use, as well as the size and type of gate and door you have in place.Don’t worry about the types of hinge you need too much – as experts will always be on hand to make sure you have the pick of the crop, as well as reliable advice on demand when you require.

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