Pros And Cons For Wooden Gates

Pros And Cons For Wooden Gates

A fantastic way to upgrade your garden is by changing your gate. A lot of people considering a change in their garden go for a wooden gate as these tend to suit most garden types. But, of course, every outdoor space is different as well as the styles you like.To help you work out if a wooden garden gate is right for you, here are the pros and cons of this popular type of garden gate:


More Affordable

Compared to other materials, wooden gates are a more affordable option that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Resistant Against Damage

Generally, these gates will be able to take a fair amount of damage, especially in the short term. These types of gates are more affected by long term damage from harsh weather conditions, but this can be prevented with the correct treatments.

Gains Character with Age

The lovely thing about wood is that its grain will naturally change over time, creating some beautiful patterns. If you keep the gate up for many years, you will be awarded a naturally changing gate that gains even more character over time.

Natural & Environmentally Friendly

For some households, a natural style is what they’re after, and a wooden garden gate offers a more natural look than other options.

stained wooden gate

Easier to Repair

Wooden gates are one of the types of gates that are easier to repair and also for a cheaper price. If the timber in a wooden gate becomes damaged, it’s cheaper to repair than a damaged metal or plastic gate.There are many benefits to wooden garden gates. Others include:


There aren’t many disadvantages to having wooden driveway gates or wooden garden gates installed. But when installing anything new in your garden, there are important things to consider. Here are some cons of wooden gates if they’re not properly maintained.

Ultimately, if you like the idea and style of a wooden garage door, the few cons that there are probably should not be enough to put you off having one installed in your garden. Instead, look at them as considerations you need to take into account when owning a wooden gate. A wooden gate will look attractive in just about any type of garden and is a worthy investment as a feature for your household. It can even increase the value of your home should you decide to sell up at any point.

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