How to Know When to Replace a Wooden Garage Door?

How to Know When to Replace a Wooden Garage Door?

Replacing Your Wooden Garage Doors

While many people use metal doors to secure their garages, many other people are aware of the benefits that wooden garage door systems have. A wooden garage door not only looks stylish and unique but also provides incredible security. However, over time, signs may occur that show you it is time to start thinking about bringing in a replacement wooden door. But what signs should you look for to know when it’s time to get your garage door repaired or refitted?

Wooden Garage Door Problems

A wooden door can be prone to a variety of problems over time if it is not looked after properly. You can finish the wood to protect it and ensure its great look is maintained. However, you may still be at risk of rot. This means that your wooden garage door may start splintering away or growing damp due to weather conditions, humidity, or other factors. While it’s a good idea to protect any wooden door as soon as you buy it, this is not always easy.

It is always best to keep an eye out for weak patches on your garage door which indicates that the wood may be softening. If your door is left to rot, it could lead to full degradation. Which will mean you need an entirely new replacement garage door.

Wooden Garage Door Wear & Tear

Under some circumstances, wood can be more prone to wear and tear than other garage door materials. This means you need to regularly check your garage door for scuffs, scratches, or soft patches. If left to fester, it could impact both the look of your door and it’s entire structure. If wooden garage doors are allowed to break down, then they become easy to break through overtime.

If you spot signs of wear and tear you should start preparing to repair your wooden door. Another sign you may also notice is that your wooden door wobbles around unnecessarily or knocks about creating noise. In these cases, it is best to consult an expert who can give you the correct advice.

As a company, Crockett Gates has helped people across the country keep their properties safe all year round with bespoke wooden garage doors. Not only do our wooden doors look great but they also provide your home with additional security. With more than 20 years of experience, we are sure to be able to assist you.

Why Replace a Wooden Garage Door?

Modern wooden garage doors are built to last. However, it is still important they receive a coat and finish so they are weatherproof. Unfortunately, damage can still occur from outside sources or just from general wear and tear. The best wooden garage doors can withstand a lot, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still look for warning signs.

It’s important to keep an eye on your wooden garage door and to replace them or get them repaired whenever there are signs that they are breaking down. Deteriorating garage doors are not only going to look good, but they will be easier to breakthrough. The whole point of a garage door, of course, is to protect your garage! So, is it really worth risking your security falling to bits? Definitely not!

Getting a Replacement

Replacing a wooden garage door is easier than you might think. You may not even need to replace it, you may just need slight repairs.

At Crockett Gates, our specialist team can identify any signs of damage in wooden garage doors and wooden gates and will be happy to let you know what to do next. When it comes to home and garage security, you can never be too careful! Take your time when you’re trying to spot signs of deterioration and get in touch with us on 01844 342036, or alternatively, you can visit our contact page if you find any problems.

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