Bespoke Gates: Treat Yourself to a New Gate This Christmas

Bespoke Gates: Treat Yourself to a New Gate This Christmas

This winter will be the perfect time to consider investing in a bespoke wooden gate. There are several reasons as to why this season is the perfect time to look at purchasing wooden gates and we will be exploring them in this article. So, whether you are looking for a new driveway gate, garden gate or even one of the fancy double wooden gates that are available, we will look at some of the reasons why a bespoke wooden gate is a winning choice.

Benefits of a Bespoke Wooden Gate

One of the main reasons why winter is the perfect time to have a wooden gate set up is due to the harsher weather we are likely to be facing this time of year. Other gate types will not fare as well, as the bespoke wooden gates are typically made from wood that is very durable, even more so than people often give it credit for. When the elements strike, a wooden fence will normally stand strong against them.

Long-Lasting Wood

Having a wooden gate is also a good choice because it has a true long-lasting ability, you just need to make sure it is treated with the correct protective products and it will last for a good number of years. Sure, over time the look of the wood will change unlike other materials, but it is a natural process that many people will enjoy, believing that it adds something to the gates look, adding to the character. A wooden drive gate, for instance, will make an effective feature that will complement your outside area perfectly.

Easy to Repair

If you do find your wooden gate has experienced some damage along the way, rest assured they are easier to repair then the metal or plastic counterparts. The timber that will need to be repaired will be much cheaper than the cost of having a metal or plastic gate repaired. If you have to call someone in to have it fixed up, it should work out plenty cheaper too. 


This ties in with the overall cost of the bespoke wooden gate. Sure, if you are interested in say one of the double wooden gates you will expect to pay a little more than the single option, but you are still looking at a saving against the plastic or metal alternatives. Even with the cost of maintenance of a wooden gate you are still looking at a cheaper option for your home.

Environmentally Friendly

Another point worth making is that a wooden gate is a more environmentally friendly option. Compared to metal and plastic, wood is a better choice for the environment and if you do end up buying a wooden gate you can take some comfort knowing you are doing your bit to help our environment, too.Finally, you do present yourself with plenty of options when it comes to gate placement with a wooden option. On top of what we have already mentioned, you can have them set up as estate gates, field gates or even a side gate. If you do choose to have a wooden side gate just keep in mind that you will need to purchase quality ironmongery to prevent intruders from being able to access your property. An advantage to yourself in having one as a side gate is that it allows for convenient entrance to the rear of your property.
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