Why you should choose wooden garage doors

Why you should choose wooden garage doors

There a lot of factors that you must take into consideration before you pick the kind of door you’d love to have as your garage door. One significant aspect of the checklist is the material the door is made from. There are materials such as Steel, Aluminium and Wood, among others.After you’ve taken all other considerations into account, the material becomes one that you can’t afford to make a mistake with. A number of people prefer wooden garage doors to those that are made from the other materials and so should you. The following are the reasons why you should choose wooden garage doors as well:

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1. Offers a lot of Choices

This is most likely one of the best things about the wooden garage doors. They are available in plenty of different varieties and styles. This means that you can choose one that will complement your home to perfection. There are lots of different finishes and colours of the wood that will certainly meet your personal preference. Also, if you prefer a colour that is non-natural for your door, the wood gives you the power to easily paint it.This means you will end up with a completely unique garage for your needs and requirements.

2. Wooden Garage Doors are Eco-friendly

No other choice of materials is as eco-friendly as wood for garage doors. This is because the material used in making them is wood which is a naturally occurring material that’s renewable.Therefore, by choosing wooden doors, you choose a material that’s friendly towards nature and the planet. This benefit of wood can be quite satisfying if you’re a person that is concerned with the environment as we all should.

3. Can Fit Any Budget

The budget for a garage door is another crucial factor that determines whether you’ll buy a given door type or not. In this aspect, the wooden garage doors are an excellent choice. They are available in several different prices, making them suitable for most budgets that you may have.For instance, if you’d like to save money, you have the option to choose the lightweight wooden door which is less expensive. For a person with a larger budget, they can go for wood such as iroko which is tougher and has a longer lifespan. 

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4. Are Highly Insulated

Wooden garage doors normally tend to be insulated due to the fact that wood in itself provides natural insulation. Apart from this, additional insulation can be fitted to the doors. So, depending on whether it’s a cold or warm season, the doors have the ability to guard you against the cold or heat. Therefore, even in the frosty winters, you still will be able to enjoy a warm car.

5. Don’t Get Dented

It’s also worth appreciating the fact that wood doesn’t easily suffer from dings, dents or scuffs as well as other wear and tear indications as opposed to other materials. All you need to do is to take the steps required to protect the doors from moisture and other hard weather conditions. This will enable them to hold up and still appear new for extended periods.

In a nutshell, there are plenty of reasons for you to choose wooden garage doors over doors made from other materials. You’ll reap these and other benefits that we may not have covered in this piece. Please do give us a call on 01844 342036 today if you’d like to talk about our wooden garage doors and what we can do for you.