Wooden gates near me

Wooden gates near me

When it comes to deciding which type of gate one should install for a business premise or home, there are plenty of choices to pick from. Among them are wooden gates. However, the traditional belief is that these types of gates are weak and are much softer than a material like steel. The best thing to do whenever you’re faced with the task of choosing the most suitable kind of gate for your premise is to look at the benefits that each can bring to you. With this knowledge, you’re not likely to make the decision based on superficial reasons.

Here are the benefits that wooden gates can offer you:

1. They are Relatively Cheaper than the other options

The cost of a gate tops the list of the considerations one has to make when choosing a material for their gates. In this regard, wooden gates are relatively cheaper than gates made from plastic or steel. 
Some people may argue that the initial cost is low but that of maintenance is higher than the others. This may be true, yes, but the bottom line is that from an overall viewpoint, these gates are still cheaper than the other options. With wood, the cost of having a gate that’s fully enclosed is lower than if either steel or plastic is used to make fully enclosed gates.

2. Have a more Beautiful Appearance

For many years, gates made from wood have had some popularity. One of the reasons for this all-time popularity is their appearance. They are made in many different styles, each with a unique look to itself.
Traditionally, the five-bar wooden gates have remained timeless, have the appearance of the countryside and are a great choice for countryside businesses and farms. Security gates made of timber, on the other hand, are attractive and neat but still form a hard-wearing and imposing barrier.

Wooden Gate

3. Are Strong and Not Easily Damaged

Contrary to the belief, gates made from wood are relatively strong and don’t easily get damaged. This can be found from the fact that during the Middle Ages, a lot of shields were made from wood and they were meant to protect against steel and iron weapons. Wood is actually stronger then you may think!

4. Becomes More Beautiful as it Ages

As gates made from wood age, they go through the growing process very uniquely. This is due to the fact that they look better as they age. This makes them even more aesthetically pleasing. When treated with a proper protection, wooden gates will age beautifully and last for many years.

5. Easy To Repair

Wooden gates are relatively easier to repair than both steel and plastic. The timber and expertise needed for repairing your gate when it gets damaged cost much less than the materials and expertise required for repairing damaged gates that are made from steel or plastic.

6. They are Eco-Friendly

For the environment, wood is a much better option than either steel or plastic. Since wood is organic, they don’t have the ability to emit substances into the atmosphere like steel and plastic.

7. They are Highly Versatile

There are many applications of wooden gates. They can be used as side gates, field gates, or in the garden to divide it into sections or as estate gates.If you hadn’t thought of getting a wooden gate for your premise, we hope these benefits have provided you with some insight. Why not give the experts at Crocketts Gates a call today on 01844 342036 if you have any questions or if you’d like to have a quality wooden gate installation!