How to Clean a Wooden Gate

How to Clean a Wooden Gate

Home maintenance is incredibly important to many of us. Our home is an essential part of our lives, and over time certain features will need an extra bit of TLC. A wooden gate is a beautiful feature of any home, and they are something that does require regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh and functioning as desired. Here, we have broken down the easy steps of how to clean a wooden gate.

Prepare the Wooden Gate

While the task of cleaning your wooden gate is a straightforward one, it does require a little bit of preparation. To clean wooden gate you will need to gather:

These supplies should be affordable and easily accessible to anyone wanting to focus on wooden gate maintenance. Plus, it’s quite likely that you already own everything you need. It’s time to begin cleaning your wooden gate once ready.

Bucket of water and soap

Cleaning the Gate

If you’re learning how to clean a wooden gate, then here we have broken down the steps to ensure your gate comes out looking brand new after every single wash.

It’s best to do this on a warm day to ensure your gate dries out as quickly as possible. Excess water can result in wood warping over time. 

Final Steps for Cleaning Your Gate

Once you have learned how to clean a wooden gate, there are a few final steps you can take to preserve your gate. 

Wooden gates are exposed to many harsh weather conditions, and through general wear and tear can become increasingly damaged. As another addition to your wooden gate maintenance, you can apply a wood sealant or wood finish. A sealant or finish can protect your gate from fading, cracking, and rotting. 

Before treating your wooden gate, you will want to ensure it has completely dried. You may want to wait a few days, or even a week or two for good measure. 

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