Do I Need Planning Permission Driveway Gates?

Do I Need Planning Permission Driveway Gates?

Wooden gates can transform your garden or outdoor space into a luxury paradise ready for summer and also offer some extra security to your home. However, depending on your property, it may not be as simple as simply erecting a gate by yourself. Planning permission for driveway gates is something to consider, or else you risk having to take your gates down further down the line.  

Do I Need Planning Permission For New Gates?

Before installing your gate, planning permission for driveway gates may be something that you’ll need to consider.

If you have an existing gate and you just intend to replace it to make your home look a little more attractive, then planning permission for gates usually won’t be required. You are simply swapping like-for-like.

However, if you live in an environmentally protected area or a home that is a listed building, you may need to request permission from the conservation society that covers the area, even if the gate is simply a replacement.

If your home is in a conservation area, you may need permission to remove a gate, even if you don’t plan to replace it. To understand the process for this, it’s a good idea to contact your local authority.

What Is Planning Permission?

Planning permission for driveway gates requires you to apply to your local council to ask if you are able to build wooden gates. The council will either approve your gate plans, meaning you are free to go ahead, or reject them based on certain requirements that your gate doesn’t meet.

You should apply for planning permission if:

·        Your right to build was previously removed by an article 4 direction or planning condition.

·        You live in or next to a listed building and the gate will be between the boundaries.

Do You Need Planning Permission For A New Gate?

If you plan to build a new wooden gate where there wasn’t a gate in the same spot previously, then you may need to gain planning permission to ensure you get the go-ahead.

You are usually exempt from applying for planning permission if:

•         Your gate is below one metre and is next to a road or public footpath.

•         It will not be placed on a boundary for a listed building or conservation area.

•         The gate is a like-for-like replacement of a gate that was there previously.

But it’s always best to check with your local authority to ensure you have permission to go ahead. If you proceed and discover that you don’t have permission later on, it may cause you to have to remove the gate at your own cost.

The answer to the question ‘Do you need planning permission for driveway gates?’ entirely depends on what and where you intend to build.

Typically, you should be fine to replace your gate if it is simply replacing an existing structure in an area that isn’t protected or on a listed building site. However, if you intend to build a brand new structure, then it’s best to speak to your local council regarding planning permission to make sure you have the right to go ahead. For high quality wooden gates in Aylesbury, or advice on how your structure would be best suited to the surroundings, contact Crockett’s Gates today to chat to our friendly and knowledgeable team.