Wooden Gate Prices | The Effect of Wood Importation

Wooden Gate Prices | The Effect of Wood Importation

As the effects of the pandemic linger on, many aspects of businesses have been impacted as a result of COVID-19 and the timber industry is no different. Let’s take a look at the damage this industry has sustained.

Why is it so hard to get timber these days?The UK is a country that prides itself on access to many suppliers of timber across the world and usually, has no problem getting its hands on the goods required for woodworking customers. However, starting in 2019 we have seen many European sawmills closing as a result of the pandemic, mainly as a result of staffing issues.In 2020, despite a considerable timber output in 2019, the importation of timber was down as much as 8%. This led to a lot of suppliers not getting the same amount of products stocked as they had in previous years.

Wood Importation

Quality Products

The demand for timber in 2021 is still extremely high. This is because timber products are typical of exquisite quality and have long-lasting capabilities. A wooden gate, for example, is something that can be designed in many different ways and be constructed to suit the needs of the customer. They can be carved, treated, and perfectly set to match any garden design.A quality timber gate or fencing is something you don’t need to replace often. Many customers are happy to wait for quality materials that last longer to ensure they aren’t compromising on quality. Materials of a lower quality are often available readily as they’re cheaper and easier to source due to poor craftsmanship being more common.

Quality Wood Pricing

You may notice that the current prices of wooden gates and other timber products are more expensive than they have ever been. This is not just inflation, but a result of the pandemic too. It boils down to the fact that even though the items aren’t coming in as fast, business still goes on and the demand for timber is as booming as it’s always been.You will find those small businesses that stock these handcrafted items have increased in price to equate to the considerable increase in raw material costs. Whilst you may pay more for the items and materials at the moment, you can expect to see the prices return to a more normal state when the pandemic effects have subsided.Bulk shipping of these types of materials has also temporarily increased due to the uncertainty of staffing levels and import taxes. And it’s not just wood that’s affected, metal has also seen a significant increase in price for the same reasons. Unfortunately, until staffing levels are stable, this will ultimately affect the ability to transport goods in a predetermined way without interruptions such as self-isolation and staff sickness.


You should consider the number of wooden products you need and consult your local timber yard. They will be able to make contact with their suppliers and enable you to determine what sort of short-term delays you can expect. The effects of the coronavirus are widely accessible, so your customers will most likely understand the reasoning behind the wait.Here at Crocketts Gates, we will continue to provide our made-to-measure bespoke wooden gates regardless of the state of importation, although our prices may vary as a result of the post-pandemic world we are now living in, our quality of production will never diminish.Over the past few months, we have expanded our team with the addition of experience as well as work ethic and we will continue to do good work. To get in contact with us simply fill out our contact form or call us directly at 01844 342036 to get your made to measure wooden gate quote today.