Wood or Metal Gates? 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wood over Metal Gates

Wood or Metal Gates? 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wood over Metal Gates

When choosing which material to opt for for your driveway gates, there’s so many options out there, but there’s nothing quite like a wooden gate. But of course, we would say this, given that our passion is bespoke, handcrafted wooden gates – but there are a few real benefits of wood that you just don’t get with other types and styles of gates.Whilst metal gates once found merit in their versatility, strength and durability, these qualities are ones that modern wood designs now share.

Choose Your Look

Endlessly adaptable versus pre-made metal designs, wooden gates can be the perfect choice for both protecting your property and creating a beautiful entranceway to your home in the shapes and designs that you choose. However, this may not always be what your home needs, and we understand that the appeal of metal fencing can sometimes be to intimidate would-be intruders, especially for commercial properties who might want some more high-security gates access like these fencing contractors offer. But wooden fencing is a much more amicable and flexible option for marking the entranceway of your property.

Hide Clutter and Create Privacy

Wooden gates are the perfect choice for many purposes but especially when you need privacy or a solid material to hide household bits, such as providing an enclosure for rubbish bins a side gate so that spying eyes can’t see down the side of your house. Wooden gates can also help create a nice little enclosure on your drive where children or pet can play in peace, whereas metal gates don’t offer the same privacy.

Durability and Appeal

Whilst many may might choose metal gates due to metal being more durable, wood is now better engineered and treated to be just as durable, whilst giving a much nicer feel and appearance. Just as wood needs regular maintenance, metal gates may become unattractive and rusty and need another lick of protective paint, but with a wooden gate you get the appeal and homely feel of a more quality material.

Cheaper and Easier to Maintain

Just as metal or wood needs regular maintenance, most hardwood gates only require application of some wood-care oil such as Tung or or Teak, or a layer of paint if you so wish. Whilst this oil can be expensive, you don’t need much to do the job. Meanwhile, metal gates often require expensive paint or protective coatings that often can be more fiddly since you have to ensure you paint between the bars and into all of the creases of the metal, depending on the gate design.

Security that Looks Like Nothing Else

Wooden gates such as the ones we craft often incorporate a lot of security aspects into our work, along with the artwork and artistic design, so that your security wants and needs are catered for. Whilst metal gates are also great for home security, you won’t get a product that’s a tailored to you as a bespoke wooden gate, or one that looks as beautiful.

Making a house a home comes down to everything that makes up your property, and the entranceway is one of the first things that you and guests get to see. So, by considering how your entranceway impacts your home design, wooden gates can enhance your home as well as your security.

We hope you might consider these many advantages of having a wooden gate over a metal or steel one when choosing a new gate for your home. For even more information on other types of fencing take a look at these fencing contractors.