Side Gate Security: How to Keep your Home Safe

Side Gate Security: How to Keep your Home Safe

We all want to keep our homes safe, and having an open-accessed garden can be a concern without the proper measurements in place. For security, you may first think of a security alarm or cameras, but a suitable solution could be much simpler. Installing a side gate is a great deterrent for trespassers and knowing the best ways to improve your side gate security is guaranteed to put off any unwanted visitors.

Put the Right Side Gate Security Measures in Place

The first step of side gate security UK is making sure your gate is locked whenever it’s not in use. If you’re home or away, keep that gate locked – ideally with a high-quality padlock. 

Potential trespassers won’t want to go out of their way to unlock a gate, especially if it’s a complicated lock. Simply having a locked gate will deter any passers by from getting curious about having a peek at the back of your house. A padlock will help prevent anyone who’s a little more dedicated to breaking in. 

Having a padlock means they would need access to a key or code, or they would have to bring a tool to break it open. Neither option would be easy for someone to do and could buy you valubable time.

Side gate security lock

Always Keep it Closed

It’s important to remember to always keep your gate closed. That may seem obvious to many, but you would be surprised at the difference it makes. Keeping your gate closed at all times is a sure-fire way of reducing you as an easy target. Even if it’s just for a few minutes while you pop back inside your house – keep it closed!  

Avoid Placing Climbable Objects Near to Gates

To maintain your side gate security, ensure there are no climbable objects near the gate. Move away any step ladders, wheelie bins or anything that could support a person’s weight. Someone who is trying to gain access through your back gate would want to do it secretly, having to go out of their way to move objects to the gate to climb over will take too much time and make too much noise.

Good Side Gate Security Means a Properly Maintained Gate

One of the best ways to keep a sidegate secure is to ensure it is stable and functioning well. A gate that’s a little older or has been exposed to harsh weather conditions may be more beaten and a little broken. 

Every so often, it’s a good idea to check up on your gate, make sure there’s no bumps, chips or missing pieces in the material. You should also tighten the screws on the hinges and locks. It’s not uncommon for screws to loosen over time on something that would have a lot of daily usage. 

Choose a High-Quality Gate Supplier

Picking a high-quality gate from the start is a guaranteed way of maintaining side gate security. Using strong and durable wood alone can be enough to keep unwanted visitors away and minimise the risk of your gate developing weaknesses.

Here at Crocketts Gates, we only use the best of the best for our gates. From the materials to the installation, we ensure that your gates are as secure as possible. Contact Crocketts Gates today to enquire about our selection  of wooden gates in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas.