Wooden Garage Doors: Frosted VS Clear Glass

Wooden Garage Doors: Frosted VS Clear Glass

Wooden garage doors are a popular choice among many households. The style suits single or double garage doors equally and goes a long way to complement the overall look of your home. If you do decide to opt for a wooden garage door then you are faced with a choice of which type of glass to choose.

In this blog, we will be focusing on the decision between frosted or clear glass. The truth is that both frosted glass and clear glass have advantages and disadvantages, hopefully reading this blog will help you to make the right decision for you and your home.

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Garage Doors that Makes a Statement 

Now, in terms of style, if you are looking for something that stands out a little and adds something a bit special to the look of your wooden garage, instead of just a ‘regular’ window, frosted glass is a nice way to go. It creates a pleasing effect that is attractive to view both from outside the garage and inside.

Having said that, when you are inside the garage, it can be nice to look out, view nature and watch the world go by. But not all types of frosted glass will allow you to be able to do that. With some frosted glass, you cannot see out from the inside. If you prefer a clear window so you can see the outside world, clean glass is a better option. 

Something nice about purchasing frosted glass now is that it’s available in a range of patterns. Patterns that can match or compliment other parts of your home, this is something else to consider when thinking about the best window for your garage door. Although many people would argue that a clear glass window would suit a higher amount of garage types.

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Practical Effects of Clean and Frosted Glass 

Something that frosted glass does lend itself well to is that lovely warm glow you get when the sun shines in. It can help add a bit of comfort to a garage. The amount of sunlight that can be passed through frosted glass may be distorted, however. This means that you can work within your garage without being blinded by sunlight. For some, this is not an issue, which means they tend to opt for clear glass instead.

Frosted glass can be a little harder to keep clean and maintain, as you’re competing with individual sections to clean. Unlike clear windows, where it’s just the standard window cleaning procedure!

An additional perk of installing frosted glass within your garage door is the added security benefit that it offers. Due to the concealing nature of the frosted glass, this allows for intruders to not see what items or valuables are placed within the home. This means that burglars are unable to spot items of interest for them to steal.

When it comes to a wooden garage door with windows, clear or frosted glass are both a good choice. Consider what would best suit the look of your garage, for example, a timber garage may look especially nice with frosted glass. Or maybe clear windows would fit in better with the rest of your home. Also consider other important aspects such as privacy, security, and safety.

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