The Benefits of Bespoke Wooden Driveway Gates

The Benefits of Bespoke Wooden Driveway Gates

The elegant addition of bespoke wooden gates adds much more than privacy to your home. The beautiful designs act as an additional layer of security as well as boosting the aesthetic appeal of your property, and potentially increasing its value too. No matter the size of your drive or style of your house, a complementary design can be found to give you peace of mind and the perfect finishing touch to the design of your home.

What is a Bespoke Wooden Driveway Gate?

These gates are not just made for houses with ample drives, a bespoke gate can be perfectly crafted for even the most awkwardly shaped or modestly sized driveways.

Whatever space you have at your disposal, it will be utilised appropriately to find the perfect, made-to-measure design for your driveway. The gates will be designed to fit every curve and contour so there is no chance of pets escaping or unsightly gaps.

Benefits of Bespoke Wooden Driveway Gates

There are a wealth of benefits to bear in mind when adorning your driveway with bespoke wooden gates of your choosing that could never be achieved with a mass-produced alternative.

Wooden Gate
Tall large wooden entry electric gates which are closed. Looking from the inside with a stone driveway in the foreground.

Made to Measure

This bespoke element of these gates means that you don’t have to worry about finding the right sized gate for your house. Measurements will be taken, and the gate designed to fit your home instead of the other way around! This means that you don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to safety, privacy, or the look of the gates because they are designed with your house in mind, removing the chance of any gaps on either side.

Compliment Existing Design

The material and style of gate can be crafted to match the design or feel of your house, whether grand or understated; modern or traditional, the design will be perfectly integrated with the existing aesthetic of your home. The gates are the first thing you or your visitors see on arrival and they add that beautiful touch of sophistication in keeping with the style of your property.

Convey Your Personality

The look of your home can be carried through into the production of the gate, a perk not available in ordinary alternatives. The choice of wood, colour and style can reflect the design of the home and the owners themselves!

Choice of Material

The very best materials are used to craft bespoke wooden gates to ensure longevity, security, and a beautiful finish. Each gate is made differently, and the material will be chosen in accordance with the intended usage. Crocketts uses two types of wood: Redwood for softwood, and Iroko for hardwood gates. The softwood gates are pressure treated to guarantee that they survive even the rainiest British winters, and the hardwood gates are coated so you can be certain that the quality won’t diminish over time.

There is no better way to add the finishing touch to your home than with the traditional beauty of a bespoke wooden gate. To find out more or get a quote, please call us or fill in the form on our contact page.