How to Preserve Your Softwood Gate

How to Preserve Your Softwood Gate

A wooden gate is unique because of the material’s structure and form. This type of gate is durable and sturdy. Likewise, a wooden gate is available in different colours, and you can stain the softwood gate to make it nearly any colour or shade that you would want. Wood is a natural, sustainable and cheap material, which is why it is used so regularly for homeowners across the country.

How to Protect Your Gate

Protecting your gate is easy. All you need is time and regular inspection to see if your gate has any of the following:


Regular maintenance is key to preserving your wooden gate, which may involve simple things like tightening loose screws and re-staining faded spots. Aside from checking its parts to spot any damage or issues, cleaning and treating your wooden gate is advisable. 

How to Clean and Treat a Wooden Gate

Cleaning and treating a wooden gate is simple. Here are 5 steps to do it right: 

1. Prepare the needed supplies like sanding paper and wood stain.

2. Observe the surface of your gate as you buff it with the sandpaper. You can also use the sanding paper to polish the faded stain and cracked lines present on the coat

3. When sanding a specific area, do so following the grain of the timber.

4. Once you’re done sanding, use a dry fabric to wipe off the remaining scraped wood stain and debris. A low-pressure water pipe may help with this as well.

5. After removing the residue, you can begin to apply a coat of wood primer to your wooden gate right away. Make sure the stain you plan to use is suitable for wood. Our best advice would be to use a certified wooden gate stain to get the best results. To give it a smooth and flawless finish, apply the wood stain with long and natural strokes.

Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Preserve Your Gate

A wooden gate is easier to maintain compared to steel and other types. However, you still need to take note of a few things when maintaining your gate to extend its life:


Never skip the sanding process. Sanding is a must when applying a new coat of wood stain to your gate, especially when it has cracked lines or faded spots. You must sand them first or else they will make the new coat of wood stain look uneven and darker in different areas.

Make sure the entire gate is clean before applying the wood stain to your softwood gate. Get rid of dirt and debris by wiping them with a clean, soft fabric.

Before you apply the new coat of wood stain to your softwood gate, you should apply the wooden gate with a primer coat before applying your desired top coat. This will help prevent the colour of the old stain from mixing with the colour of your new stain.

Maintaining your gate regularly will make it sturdier and more resistant to harsh weather conditions. Thus, you can save on repairs and replacements if you take good care of your wooden gate.